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Bose SeatCentric Call Placement Technology

Most of us are familiar with the challenges of having Bluetooth phone conversations in the car.  The music stops as soon as the phone rings. Sometimes voices aren’t clear. Passengers in the car can hear the conversation, giving the driver little to no privacy. And, whatever everyone was listening to has to wait until the call is over.

Bose SeatCentric Call Placement Technology will allow drivers to talk more privately, while passengers enjoy uninterrupted playback of their entertainment audio.

Using headrest-mounted UltraNearfield speakers, Bose SeatCentric Call Placement presents phone call audio to any seat equipped with these special loudspeakers. Drivers can receive phone calls from whichever virtual location they prefer, improving privacy and intelligibility. Everyone hears what they want, whenever they choose.

Call Placement Enabled

Full Music Mode

Hear each other, not the car

Anyone on the other end of the line will be able to hear you clearly, without interference from the car or the road.