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Bose China Hosts Audio Innovation Experience Event


From September 23rd to 25th, Bose hosted the 2020 Audio Innovation Experience event for invited guests in Shanghai, China. The newest Bose products and technologies in consumer electronics, professional audio, and automotive audio were safely shared and demonstrated.


A winning combination: Bose Performance Series in the new Corvette Stingray

It all started with the car itself, and the courage of Chevrolet to dream big and act boldly. After all, the Corvette Stingray enjoys a decades-long, storied history, and a special place in the hearts and minds of sports car enthusiasts everywhere. A true American icon ─ strong and fast ─ this next-generation Corvette is conceived for world-class agility as well as power and speed.

The Evolution of Sound: Managing In-Vehicle Audio with Bose

Listening to music while driving around could be considered a cathartic experience. Yet something as simple as audio within the car encompasses more than just the vehicle sound system. There is also the notion of “active sound management,” where the sound system in the car is used to cancel things out, like unpleasant engine noise.

Sixtysix Magazine Tours Berlin's Design Community, with Bose Providing the Soundtrack

By Chris Force, Sixtysix magazine

Below are partial excerpts. Click on the "Read Full Article" link for more.

We had to know: Just what is it like living, working, and collaborating in Berlin? We had one week—how could we begin to understand the entire creative community in such a short time? There was a lot of ground to cover and, never ones to shy away from a challenge or a thrill, we wanted to take our exploration to the next level. It turns out, when you ask the world for a stylish German thrill, you get one thing back—a Lizard Green Porsche 911 equipped with a premium Bose surround sound system. Subtle it’s not, but an adrenaline rush it is. Our travel would now be powered by 555 watts of fully active sound and 379 horses under the hood. We packed our bags, and our driving shoes, and headed to Berlin.

“For every car or truck we tailor the system to the mission of the vehicle. A high-performance sports car like the Porsche 911 needs a high-performance audio system, both to attend to the mission for the end consumer who is seeking performance and to handle delivering high-quality audio during a noisy, spirited drive,” says Tobe Barksdale, chief audio engineer for Bose Automotive, who has been at the company for 34 years. It’s one of the first things you notice about the Bose surround sound system; even outside of Berlin on the speed limitless Autobahn, the music was not just clear and powerful but seemed perfectly in balance with the Porsche, a mix of raw power and refined handling. “Our goal is to be consistent with the feeling of the vehicle,” Tobe says.

Engineering Students Race Ahead with Bose

Bose is excited to have once again supported Northeastern University and Olin College students in designing, building, and racing vehicles as part of the SAE Collegiate Design Series. We’re even more excited that as a “thank you,” they let Bose employees drive them! The students recently brought their Baja and Electric Formula cars to our Framingham, MA campus to show off what they’re made of.

Sounds of Success: 30 Years Working with Bose

INFINITI MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED, Hong Kong - For 30 years, INFINITI has worked in close collaboration with Bose. Even before the first INFINITI, the Q45, to the brand's present-day model range, this enduring partnership has provided customers with a superior audio experience.